Ian Via is a core member of ANEM from its inception and serves as the keeper of the sacred fire for ANEM’s rituals and ceremonies. He is also an apprentice to the Legacy of Awareness, Legacy of Righteousness and the wisdom teachings offered through A New Earth Movement.

Ian offers meditations to align and identify with the subtler energies of the body. In pulling the electrical currents of the senses inward, toward the source of everything we are, we become more deeply acquainted with the Divine energy coursing through our bodies. In doing so we learn to better wield the magic staff of our spine in the cultivation and refinement of energy. We will use our most precious resource, the Divine spring of life that gushes forth from us constantly, in order to co-create both the inner and outer realms in which we live. After tapping into the I AM presence-the presence of God-to directly feed, and be fed from that source of power by which our entire system is supported, we power dream a better world into being for us and for generations to come.