Alix Claman is a core member of ANEM since its inception, a long time apprentice within the teachings of the Legacy of Awareness and a practicing Vedic Astrologer. Over the many years Alix has been a committed  student of ANEM, she has consistently grown in her awareness, and implements these fundamental teachings into all aspects of her life, including her work with the ancient science of Vedic Astrology. She believes that in attuning with the planetary forces, we can utilize them as tools to help us access our highest potential, and guide us on our healing journey. 

During this offering, Alix speaks about the importance of honoring the new and full moon cycles each month, and specifically prepares us for the new moon cycle that will begin the day after this offering. 

This specific November new moon celebrates Diwali, The Festival of Lights. Diwali is a festival of new beginnings and the triumph of good over evil, and light over darkness. We will explore deeper into this powerful day, and how to utilize this energy for the betterment of ourselves and our Earth. 

1 class recording, 1 hour long