Good Morning Friends and Family,

I truly hope that this message finds you well and held in the comfort of love and inner peace on this day. We all can agree that these are extremely heavy and volatile times in our local and global communities, and truthfully, signs indicate that it will get much worse.  

As we continue on this trajectory of radical change, we notice the escalation of duality, separation, fear and loss of control. The bonds between us and the “known” are mutually losing their grip as the foundations of the System are falling apart.

In the midst of this change, we will notice more uprisings and a surge forward in the name of “justice” in order to defend our rights, and/or to react against the deeply imbedded betrayal that our consciousness has been subjected to as a result of the imposition of the Matrix that has ultimately robbed us of our authenticity.  

I bring this all up for a reason. For in these days and the days to come, we are bearing witness and maybe even participating in battles on various fronts, trying to hold on and defend the known, as well as make some sense of what is really happening and why we are ultimately suffering.  

As aware beings, we may be quietly celebrating this transition, as we know the current paradigm is not the true foundation that we desire our world to be built upon. Underneath the upheaval of fear and opposition, there truly is a wave of a higher consciousness waiting to be birthed. There is a light that is pulsing and inviting us to join in and awaken to what we all know to be true deep inside of the recesses of our being; where unity consciousness lives, where a new earth can be born based upon universal law, love, harmony, mutual respect and happiness.  

The list goes on, however the most important thing for us to note through all of this is, where is our attention? For we have a grand opportunity in this moment to actively be part of this great change by focusing our efforts of power towards prayer, rightful action, merging with the light and sending it to the places of discord in order to diffuse the imbalances and injustices that may seem to the human mind a valiant effort to fight, but we know deep within us what it is that we are needing in this world and that is definitely not yet another war.  

Although throughout our recent known history we do not have a reference point for this; we are in need of peace. We are in need of the light, in need of sharing this light with our fellow sisters and brothers to help diffuse the pain, to help unlock the hearts of our world leaders, to help uplift the consciousness of humanity to higher realms for brighter days to come, to completely dissolve the discord, separation and fighting and bring peace and unity within ourselves and each other.  

It is about time that we lay our weapons down and start living with respect, compassion and honor for each other and for our Mother Earth.

It is time to let go of our pettiness, of our judgements, dogmas and of the things that we have held onto that keep us believing we are separate from each other.  

Deep inside we are desiring freedom, so we must do something about it.  No more fighting, no more wishing it didn’t exist, let us be part of the solution rather than the problem. It is time, my dear friends, to be vigilant and spend these next days and weeks with our focused prayers and intent, to align with the Council of Light and higher spiritual guides to embody and project this light of goodness on the situations, conditions and things that are needing it the most.  

Right now, we need to stand firm in the light of God and proclaim this absolute Truth of Oneness with all that there is. These are the times we have been preparing for, so let us not be lazy, complacent or victimized and blindsided by what we think should be happening, and rather, let us rise up within, claim the light, and exude this light, our love, our prayers and our peace with the whole world. Happy Independence Day!

I would like to leave you with a message from the Divine Mother that came through on June 30th, 2020: 

“For these are the times which have been prophesied, these are the times in which somewhere imbedded in your consciousness you knew would come into fruition in your lifetime. There is no more time to waste on fear or the unknown or even trying to consider to go back to a way in which you were before that gave you a false sense of security. Know that this is the time of change and you are being called to rise to this change. You are being invited to stand up as spiritual warriors to endure the battle, and also know that this battle is not done alone. This is not a battle in the sense of the word that you know it to be here on earth. There is an increasing of strife and of conflict, both inner and outer, and you must put your full attention on the light and the support that you have all around you. For the Council of Light is close and the love of my celestial rays can extinguish the man-made fires of discord and conflict.” 🌹- Message from the Divine Mother

I would like to remind you as well of our weekly prayer, where we gather as one heart and one mind to share this message of peace with the world. 

With all my love,