We have arrived at a great time on our planet where we stand on the precipice of a great change, a time that we have been all waiting for, for what we have remembered to be true shall come to be. And in the distance of our great memory, we know at some level we are part of this change. We know there is work to be done. There is a stabilizing force that we must find within, in the midst of this great change. There is a relinquishing of control that is being asked of us so that we can stand naked in the fire and purify and burn away the old illusions, the histories and all of the things that make us forget who we really are. We are here to wake up and to do what it takes to collaborate in the spiritual realms for the future days to be ushered in with peace and with integrity.”

“What is it that is being asked of you at this time to let go of, to purify, to abstain from, to change. It is up to you to say yes, to do what it takes, to follow through on this internal guidance of what it is that is being asked of you. As spiritual seekers, we sit in meditation, we desire reflections, we yearn in sincere prayer for answers to our happiness, to find our balance. Life is so gracious, we have been given the answers and they are floating around in our consciousness inviting us to adhere to the messages that have been offered. We must be grateful for these messages and if we are true to the truth, we shall abide and do what it takes to rise up and to be our best and do what it takes to align with this call of purification. For the times are here and there is a seriousness to this call. There is no more time to waste. The call for purification is here and now.

– Nina Palmieri