We are at a time of great change, where there is an upheaval and disturbance in the field of the mass consciousness.  There is a war waging that comes in the form of a virus, and yet beyond this is the greater virus of fear.  Right now, there is a greater call for peace and tranquility, to go within amongst the noise and external attacks.  And through all of this, we must do our part at this time to find our center. For we have a great opportunity to discover a greatness within that has been lying dormant through the ages and desiring to percolate and be seen, to be met, to be magnified into existence in order for us to remember all of what is true…our Divinity accompanied by our true divine gifts.

These are the times that we have been waiting for.  And while the dragon of fear is trying to take us out, we must do our part to go within and foster the truest aspects of our self, the light and the faith in the greater mystery that we truly are. For when we allow the light to rise up we will raise our vibration, strengthen our aura, build a solid knowing in the sanctity of our truest existence. 

And we shall come to understand that this is the true weapon that we need at this time.  If each of us dedicate to doing this, imagine what we will grow during this time, an arcana of great protection, a shift in the consciousness of the people that will help to transform and uplift the masses.  We are in need of inspiration, of a spark of the truth during a dark time, and we have the power and tools in our reach.

We must do what it takes to find the peace within the center of our being, to recognize the light that resides there and fan the flame of our faith in order to grow and surge into a newer dimension of understanding that can truly make the difference at this time.

All of my love,