We are at a time where the portal opens to another great cycle; the Fall Equinox. We have reached that moment again where the light and the dark are at equal levels representing the duality of life. As we recognize this happening outside of us, we too have the opportunity to go within and recognize our dualistic nature, where we can meet head on our own light and darkness. This marks the beginning of a new cycle for us where we become the seed that we are desiring to plant for this upcoming year. It is an opportune time for us to seize this great moment and make the intention for what it is that we are desiring to change at this time in our lives. For we have tasted the freedom, and seen the things that stand in our way. Our conditioned responses and wounding have prevented us from fully living out our desires as well as our truest nature. We must do our part to find what stands in the way and work to dis-energize the dense pattern that is rooted in the consciousness of our false selves. As we become intimate with this pattern, we have the opportunity to diffuse it with our attention and action. But first we must take the time to set this intent with all the power of our spirit. Here we have a great opportunity to break the contract associated with the lower frequencies that we have adopted over lifetimes, through our ancestral line, and through our personal conditioning. We have the power to dis-invest our faith and attachment to these things. Let us align with this portal of this sacred equinox, to plant a new seed of intent and do the work necessary to transform our lives so that we can be free and live in accordance with our birthright; to fully awaken to the truth of who and what we are.

With Love, Nina