The morning has broken with the greetings of the songbirds. This is a new day, one in which I invite you to stop and recognize this auspicious moment, as we have entered into a new cycle on the medicine wheel of our Mother Earth. Everything around in nature is glorified with pristine beauty, perfumes, color, form and sound. There is a ripe fertile essence that is wooing us if we are quiet enough to listen and to see with a Greater Eye. At this very moment we have an opportunity to align with this great cycle, with this ancient principle of fecundity and give birth to our internal desired creations, as the earth is reflecting so beautifully; for as above so below.

And simultaneously at this time on our planet, we can see and experience the collective fear, an angst among the people, for we have entered unknown territory and we are yearning for safety, for truth, and for connection at this time more than ever. The people are acting out. The voice of fear, unhealthy patterns, all of the knowledge and countless opinions are reaching out to hook our attention. Which way will we turn? How will we engage? How will we chose to live our lives in this moment?

It is up to us to have great discernment and discover where it is that we want to be putting our attention at this time. Because our attention is most valuable in the creation process. We have a great opportunity to create what it is that we desire with our thoughts, with our actions and with our faith. And it is up to us to utilize our awareness, higher wisdom and Mother Nature’s powerful reflection to guide us in the direction of creating for the good of the Whole. We have the power to do so. There is no greater time than now to pull up our boot straps and act accordingly, to move in accordance with God’s Will, to shift our attention towards the positivity and realize how we can be part of a solution rather than the problem. We have the power to take right action, to align our intent with the highest universal principle of Love and of Truth and to move in the direction of birthing the Light.

Take a look at Mother Nature in this moment and allow her to generously hold you, to spark the inner knowing that you can alchemize your fear, pain and doubts. But do not spend much time there. For this is the moment of fertility and you have the power to create a new perception and personal dream aligned with Divine Light, and with this truthful essence to work to foster the fertile flower within you and share your message of love, kindness and unique creation with the world, for the benefit of All of Creation. This is the moment! And May it be so, Happy day of Fertility!

With all my love,