There is a swift change that is upon our planet and as always, how we perceive and handle it will determine our intrinsic level of peace and happiness, or rather our suffering, as well as the outcome for the collective. We are being asked to stop, to reset and to become quiet inside of our own personal sphere of existence, in order to truly come to know ourselves.  For we are a society that has been habitually focused on the external, on the outside expression, action, instant satisfaction and gratification.  And now we are being presented with a great opportunity to change, as our Mother is requiring us to become more cognizant of our internal being-ness.

It cannot go unnoticed that for some time now we have entered a period where we as a collective have been craving, sensing, tasting, and desiring the return of the Great Mother.  For we have lived far too long in a paradigm void of the Mother, where we have been inundated with an imbalanced patriarchal dominance.  Many references to this have caught our attention, the desire for us to get still, to return to the natural rhythm of the heartbeat of the Mother, to find once again the power in our intuition and our connection to all of Creation where we live in harmony, cooperation and contribute to the unified co-existence with all of life.

But our way as a collective humanity has strayed completely away from this.  And it has been truly painful.  We have been suffering and acting out, the Mother Earth has been shaking and quaking and it is now the time to sober up and do what it takes to come back into this alignment.

We are faced with a pandemic that comes with a vengeance, with a swirling of fear, and we are asked to sit quietly in our own space to contemplate what it is that is necessary in order to come into our center, to reignite the Truth within. We do this so that we can reawaken the core of our truest existence, and contribute to the ushering in of the New Age that is upon us.

The dragon is ferociously trying to win and it is up to us to claim the Light, to find the center of our being, to discover peace in the silence, to illuminate the Truth, and walk forward in peace and harmony with and for all beings.  The time is now, let us do what it takes to do this individually so that we can unify and collectively rise into a new state of consciousness for the benefit of humanity, for our Earth Mother and for the future generations.  We are the ones we have been waiting for.


With all of my love,