There is a need at this time on the planet for the people to rise in great consciousness, to understand that we have been enslaved by a shadow force that has been suppressing our divinity and light.  And yet, simultaneously there is a percolating light that is bubbling up in the existence of all of creation, burning with a great love and desire and awaiting for us to join in with a divine will with willingness and reverence.  For we have been waiting for this for a very long time. Somewhere in our distant memory we know that this is the truth.  We are waking up from the slumber where we lost consciousness and fell into the dark tunnel of great madness, of illusionary lies that kept us from knowing and embodying our truest vibration and divinity.  Meanwhile there is a spark lit deep within the recesses of our being where life gives us many opportunities to fan this flame back into existence and join in with the light once again to create a ripple effect on humanity and on all of creation to spread like wildfire,  to cast away the darkness and be liberated by the light.  We have arrived; this is the time. We must do what it takes to fan this flame, to put our attention on the light and unplug from all that tells us differently, for we are the ones we have been waiting for. It is time now to wake up and allow the brilliance of our light to shine through.