Good morning on this heavenly Summer Solstice, where we have the ability to awaken to the brilliance of the Sun as it reaches its highest point in the sky.
No matter if it is shining visibly or not, today on our side of the hemisphere, we celebrate the longest daylight hours of the year, as precisely today the Earth’s North Pole is tilted closest to the sun.

We can say that we have been on a symbolic and mythical journey that has led us right here to this auspicious moment. Where we have trudged through many days in the prior seasons craving these rays of light, faithfully moving in this direction in hopes and desire for an illumination and elevation of our consciousness.

For those who are walking in unison with the cycles of our great Mother and universe, are in sync with this moment and know that we are at the apex of opportunity for our divine union; where we have the opportunity to meet the maker within ourselves.

Even though we have this opportunity with every coming of the Summer Solstice and truly in every moment of our existence, today more than ever, amidst the darkest moments of our known history of humanity, we need to embark firmly, unconditionally and irrevocably on the journey of union with the Divine light.

We have been looking everywhere in these dark moments for some sense of coherency, for protection, for faith and for illumination. For there has been a yearning, a quickening, an acceleration in this direction.
We have been waiting for this moment for a very long time.
In fact, we were born for this moment, as our souls crave to become awakened to the knowing of our perfect reflection of our Father Creator.

Today we shall look no further.
We must remember that we are children of the Sun, we are the Light.

Now is the time where we can raise our arms up to the sky and allow the infusion of the great rays of the Divine light to meet and ignite the light within us. Where we use our Divine Will to rise up to meet this light and fortify our truest existence to propel us into awakened consciousness.

It is time now to invoke the rays of the sunlight to penetrate our mind to awaken and activate our greater consciousness where we shall see through the All seeing eye of God. Where we elevate to greater heights of consciousness and awareness, where the lower frequencies and negativity no longer have power over us, for now we chose to stand bright and strong in the jurisdiction of the Light of God.

Today we have the opportunity to cross the threshold into our becoming. It is up to you to seize this moment, to take it, to claim it and to be it.
For we are the light, we are the ones we have been waiting for.

Let us salute our Great Spirit, Father Creator of all Life and embody our elevated state of awakening; for as above so below.
Now is the time to align our crown with the peak of the Sun to activate us into our becoming and into the knowing and brilliance of our inherent Divinity.

Happy Summer Solstice!
In love and light,

☀️Photo Taken at Glastonbury Abbey, in the ancient land of Avalon☀️