Ahh the breath of the forest, I enter Her and immediately everything shifts.  The standing trees emit a fresh breath that fills me up and restructures my entire being.  There is a moistness to Her presence that feeds my soul, so alive and tranquil.  I enter Her and forget all that has been before, for here I have the chance to be still, to let go of the falseness of the world that has been impregnated upon me.  I am in constant awe, how here in the presence of Mother Nature, so much is available to us…endless opportunities to awaken and heal. For she is so gracious and generous.  

As I sit in this tranquil and powerful embrace, I have such gratitude in my heart for this existence.  In reverence for Her, I contemplate how we have all the answers right here at our feet.  Our Great Mother Earth is the giver of life, for she offers plentiful gifts that sustain and nourish us to the depths of our being.  And yet, we as humans at this time on our planet are striving for something else.  We are on an endless search for something more, a quick fix, the epidemic of desired instant gratification, the greed that searches for something more and is never satisfied.  We have taken so many steps to walk in another direction away from this sacred communion with all of Creation. I say this is a mistake, to us individually and to us collectively as a living species, that will lead to our fall if we continue in this direction. For in order for us to come back to “Life,” we must stand up and recognize what is true, what is real, we must come back into communion and respect for Mother Nature. 

I invite you to take a moment to investigate this for yourself.  Go and sit in the forest, lay by a river, sit under a sacred tree and open your eyes. Not the eyes of your mind that dictate the external search for pleasure nor the rumination of your mind that is focused on anything but the present moment.  Sit and pay attention, let go and open your spiritual eyes that see the truth in what is alive and right here in front of you, holding you, caressing you, blessing you. If you are present and still enough, you shall witness the sacred green healing ray of the collective plant life emanating towards you, available to purify and heal.  She is so alive, the pristine color, the sacred magic, the plentiful food that nourishes, the oxygen that allows for the breath of life to continue through us, the plant medicines that heal us when we are ill, the sacred waters that purify, invigorate and give us life.  The list is endlessly exquisite. 

However, we as a collective have fallen prey to the trap of disconnecting from the very thing that sustains and gives us life.   For we have lost our way and disgraced Mother Nature in the process.  I ask the question, what is it going to take? Maybe it is not too late, for our sacred Mother Earth is still here alive, so patient and lovingly waiting for our acknowledgement, for our participation in the remembrance of the sacred reciprocity of life here on Earth.  When we truly plug into this source, we become one with all of Creation, where we live in a harmony and communion that activates the fortification of our truest state.  It is here where we shall rise into the gifts of our fullest potential; this is where our true freedom exists.  Only then shall we truly know how to proceed with our moment to moment decisions in life, only then shall we ensure the continuity of our lives here as a humanity, as well as for our sacred Mother Earth and the future generations of our children.  

I suggest an appointment with Her, to sit and reflect on this message and to receive the answers for yourself. For united in this quest for freedom, we must come back into communion with Mother Nature, with the natural resources of this earth plane, to help us to resuscitate and perhaps in the process awaken to the realization that our precious Mother Earth deserves so much more than we have given Her.  It is time for us to open our eyes and come home to this knowing.  All of Creation is here awaiting our attention, awaiting your participation in this sacred circle. It is here with Mother Nature where we shall return home.  

In the beautiful green forest, I stand up in recognition of how the moist Earth below has so graciously cradled me and heard my prayer for us to awaken to this truth.  Here in this moment, all is registered in the universe as I choose to live in conspiracy for all to return to their natural state in communion and respect for all of Creation.  With great pleasure and gratitude, I take notice of how I am literally surrounded by a circe of spider webs in every direction I look.  I know that they too have heard my prayer.  For once we are awake, we See and Know. There is power in this unison with our Great Mother.  And in this creative cauldron of Life, grandmother spider weaves the grand Web of Life where the new word shall be manifested in the true and natural designs that shall spread throughout All of Creation.

With all of my love,

Nina Palmieri