It was some years ago when I received the download of A New Earth Movement where the Divine came through me with a force.  At this time, I was shown how I was being prepared for this offering in other lifetimes, as well as this lifetime and how we have arrived at the point where it is time for this Movement to be brought into manifestation into the world in order to cultivate a mass transformation in the people. For we the people are hungry and thirsty for the truth.  We are in great need to join in the resurgence of our truest form in order to walk this planet and rise into the frequency that is necessary to usher in the coming of the new ages.

We have been polluted over the ages with a myriad of illusions that have distorted the essence of who we are.  Our conditioned patterns as a collective have served to cut us off and disconnect us from the source of all of Creation, where we were led down a path of illusion to believe we are not one with God.  Here we have become starved from our main source of food, from the true sustenance that sustains us and keeps us in connection with all of life.  We have become lost, hungry and confused, and have lived our lives searching for meaning and ways to alleviate the suffering that is a result of our illusion of separation from the Source that created us, separated from the law of one that keeps us aligned with the sacred mysteries of the universe.  Deep inside we know that this is true and we yearn to come home back into communion with Creator/Source.

A New Earth Movement is a healing platform, a portal made up of 7 legacies that provide specific doorways into a frequency band of truth that sets to nourish our authenthic self back into communion with life, with all of Creation, with the source of Love.  Our legacies have been indoctrinated by the Divine and are designed to take you on an inner journey of self discovery and transformation to come back into alignment with universal law and communion with God,  where we embody the truth of who we are.  Consequently we shall be liberated to flourish in our full authenticity and live a life of happiness. As we take back our power, we become a living message of impeccability where we are then able to sincerely offer inspiration to the world.  As we change, the world shall change and this is how we shall create A New Earth Movement.

Come and join us on this internal quest to transform the patterns that stand in the way of our truest form of divinity.  For together we shall unite and rise in sovereignty where A New Earth Movement will create a great ripple of Love initiating a world transformation, where we individually and together shall stand as one in a higher consciousness of love and truth.

Stay tuned for more transmissions from Nina!