We have just completed our Divine Mother immersion, and the essence of Her frequency and messages thankfully continues to ring loudly at this time.
For as we know, we are bearing witness to a transformational and pivotal time on the planet where there is great unrest, confusion and need for healing.
There has been great pain and suffering in the lives of humanity as a result of the ignorance that comes from believing that we are separate from God. In this great illusion, we have separated, divided and taken many evil and hurtful actions against ourselves and each other that reflect the deep sickness and pain of man, and perpetuate the illusion of our separation. And as we see, this cannot go unnoticed any longer. For the pain is too great and the desire for oneness is percolating at the base of our existence yearning to be heard, acknowledged and received.

This is the time more than ever where we must fight for the light. For we have the opportunity in our lifetime to be part of a great change. And in this potentiality for change, it is up to each one of us to do our work, to disarm the old wounds and our weapons and consider what stance we will take. For we are at a time where the end of duality is in sight and we each must do our part to clean our minds and hearts in order to contribute to the greater good and the potentiality of oneness.  Let us hold onto our faith in the Divine and step into communion with this greater perspective of Love and pure consciousness to share our message of peace with the world, beginning with ourselves and continuing with all of Creation.

This leads me to say that we have been joining in a Community Prayer circle every week for the past 10 weeks. And I personally invite all prayer warriors that desire to unify in one heart and one mind in order to create an echo of love and a portal of healing for humanity, for our Mother Earth and for the future generations of our children to come. We must make the time in our lives to align with the Divine in order to embody the truth and see through the single, all seeing eye of Highest consciousness, to proceed accordingly and coherently at this time. Please consider to join us and spread the word to all those who desire to contribute to this prayer for humanity and for our world; where we shall work to purify the hearts of man and co-create unity, love and peace and put an end to duality consciousness.

I would like to leave you with a message from the Celestial Divine Mother that came through to our Legacy of Peace class last week:

“Continue to do the work because there is a battlefield out there that will try to interfere, but you must align and take refuge in the flame of my love, to keep the candles lit in my name, to unite in a prayer that is constant against the war of man and the darkness that will try to break down the walls of my love.  And there will be times where you feel defeated, but you must have unshakeable faith and take the action of love and peace that will be the weapon; that will create an armor and a protective ring and elevate and call forth more who desire to contribute to this cause and the masses will be impacted and this will be carried forth for the generations to come.”

With all of my love,
Nina and A New Earth Movement