The night is dark and the veil is thin. The children line up dressed in costumes portraying the distortions of these present times. Tales of magic beheld in the distant memories of those who are drawn to this time and yet what is portrayed only masks the depth of the truth of this sacred portal. For this is a sacred and true time, one that presents an opening into the other realms and those with great awareness and impeccable desires shall awaken to the opportunity of how to utilize this time for the good of all.

In the airy presence of this sacred time, if we are still and quiet enough, we can sense the dissolving of the veil, where the invitation to enter into another dimension in time is calling unto us. The ancestors are calling, are chanting, our hearts are yearning while the conditioned ancestral patterns and heavy masks that we carry are being illuminated. Meanwhile, there is a gravitational weight in the collective consciousness where we have lived in a trance like state, a haunted and spooky reality where we have adopted the masks and pain of the ancestral and cultural patterns. Those of us who are awake can sense how this has weighed us down and oppressed us for many generations. We have the choice to continue to dress up in these costumes and believe them or enter into this void to dissolve them and discover what in truth lies beyond.

As the truthful whispers of the wind blow in the airy night, we are invited to remember all that is true, the times before where we have been connected to the cycles of the Earth and utilized this time for the transformation of these patterns; where we once before have entered the opening at this time to meet our ancestors and spirit helpers to align with our desires to alchemize, to transform, to strengthen our power and dissolve the generational patterns that stand in the way of our freedom and happiness.

We must understand that this is a great and courageous opportunity to face ourselves, to relinquish the form of the old that has weighed us down and prevented us from our truthful depth of expression and true nature. And it begins within where we must get honest with ourselves and face the very thing that we are wanting to be freed up from, to find the pattern, to have the courage to investigate the masks and with all the power of our spirits and with help of the creative forces from the other side, to disinvest our faith and power in them. For in doing so, we will become liberated and find new healthy ways to relate to ourself and to the world.

The veil is thin, the entry gate is visible, the portal is open. The essence of this time is enhanced and presents us with support from the other side, from the the celestial realms to demystify all of the illusions that have kept us in painful bondage. We must align and do our part to enter, to relinquish our masks to dis-energize generational patterns, to break the contracts that have kept us oppressed and to utilize the support from the other side. Our higher selves are knocking at the door. At this time we must choose which door to open. As our spirits yearn, the cycles of Mother Nature are aligned to help us, the creative forces are here to aid us sever and dissolve all that stands in the way for ourselves and our future descendants. For as above so below.

With all of my love & intent,