What door will you walk through?
We are alive at a pivotal time where things are changing at a high velocity. The heat is turned up where many transformations are occurring on all levels. Those who are awake cannot help but notice that this is a great opportunity for our growth. And yet in the midst of the changes, of the shaking, of the burning, it is easy to lose our center and misinterpret what is in fact the truth from moment to moment. Our bodies receive many signals, our intuition senses many things and yet the sound of the collective voice of fear echos louder in resistance and hinders our inner knowing with logic and reason.

Which direction shall we turn towards during these times? Will we align with the collective voice of the planet and lose our consciousness or stay strong rooted in the center of our truest selves? Will we contract and run away from everything or expand into our greatness and align with the vibration that is actually the catalyst that will elevate our consciousness and bring us into greater understanding.

There is a choice available to us from moment to moment and it is up to us to discern and become cognizant of what is really happening. For there are two doorways available to us at this time, one is the path of fear and the other the path of truth. Our conditioning is strategically designed to align with the path of fear, for It is most familiar and reinforced most everywhere we turn. We need strength, courage and spiritual sobriety to open and walk through the doorway of truth; the one where we at times have had to walk through alone at our own volition despite all logic and outside influences. However, once we walked through, we realized that this is the doorway to the infinite, to true freedom, to the greater essence of our selves that knows the truth, that is in fact the truth and has been knocking at our doors persistently and patiently with open arms. Waiting for you to join in with all of your faith so that you can flourish into the fullness of who and what you truly are and in that communion have access to the higher dimensions that stand for peace and unity with all of our relations, with our sacred Earth Mother; with all that is in unison with universal law and understanding that fosters love and acceptance, peace and charity. For this is what we are craving as individuals, as nations, as a planet.

There is no more time to waste. We have arrived at a threshold of great change where the two doorways are available to us in each moment and we must do our part. Let us meet together on the other side of the doorway of truth so that we may hold hands and stand in victory against the dragon that has been feeding us lies, and polluting our mind and our planet. Let us detach from these illusions and rise up to meet the sanctity of our spirits, the trueness of our hearts, of the compassion that burns for the truth today and always for the sake of all of our relations, for the reassurance of the continuity of our species to survive on this planet, for our children and for the love of our Earth Mother and all that she so generously extends to each and every one of us.

With all of my love,