This week we enter into a time of a collective, collaborative anticipation and celebration for the New Year. This marks a time of new beginnings, as we have crossed an era into another moment in time. And although this is a manmade event, it has meaning to most. Many people reflect on the year with assessment, inspiration, joy, sadness and perhaps even regrets.

With all of our intent we have an opportunity to participate in this new moment with awareness of how we should proceed to meet our truest desires. In other words, this is a great moment to practice an act of power on behalf of ourselves. Most of us speak of what it is that we want to do to help ourselves, to strengthen our walk, to modify the things that are harmful in our life. And yet we continue to go forward with the same old behaviors and actions and expect different results. This is a great moment where we can become silent in the presence of the winter fire to discover what in fact it is that we are creating and how we want to participate in transforming our creation for the betterment of our lives, which ultimately is for the betterment of the world. For what we do for ourselves we do for the whole. This is a universal law as we are one in our connection and we affect each other tremendously whether we want to believe this or not.

So in changing ourselves, in polishing the gems of our soul’s existence, we cannot help but uplift the world. We have gotten so good at believing we are separate, that we are our own identity and alone, but this is false. Yes, we have our brilliant uniqueness and yet beyond all of our attachments and fears, we will find that we are in fact made up of the same substance; we are Life, we are Love. For we are life everlasting, beyond our form connected to all of Creation. We are love and truth and we have masked this truth with a conditioned reality that dictates differently.

It is time now to wake up here on our planet and take part in a new dream, one in which we realize the truth of who and what we are. One that emanates love and kindness towards ourselves and each other. One that works towards nourishing the soul rather than numbing it with all of the distractions of the material world. There is a world waiting for us, the windows are opening to the higher realms of existence. Let us not be afraid to open that window and take in this fresh air, to align with the great quickening that is available to us at this time. For this is a portal into a greater evolutionary step and we are being invited to step in.

So, this is our moment to recognize that we can in fact do our part to align and to create a better way of relating to ourselves, each other and the world. It is time to let go of those things that do not serve, the ones that are based on fear and holding us paralyzed in our inactions, squelching our creative force and bountiful love. Let us untie this New Year and make a change for the good of All, so that we can walk through this threshold of transformation with faith and with courage to meet the new day, the new year, the new times with an understanding of the truth of who we are, and share this message of authenticity and Love with the world.

With all of my love and best wishes for a blessed
& happy New Year,