The Rose represents the most accurate portrayal in the natural world of the continuous unfoldment process of each singular holographic fractal manifestation of the One, i.e. the individual soul. That’s why it was chosen by the Divine Celestial Mother as a symbol and a pathway to study Her mysteries.

Just as the rose starts in its infancy in the form of a closed bud and eventually blossoms little by little as it opens its petals to uncover, discover, mature and eventually share with her surroundings the sweet essence, nectar and perfume it harbors inherently in the innermost core of her being, so do we as humans follow a similar journey of exploration, self discovery, growth, maturation and ultimately offering our innate gifts as a service to the world.

ANEM, from our Mission Statement, is: “…a divinely ordained mission that provides a broad platform for the healing, activation, and initiation of humanity into our original blueprint. The ultimate intent is to restore our connection with Creator/Great Spirit and to achieve our highest appointed potential.”

We are not a storefront operation where you can rent or even buy the necessary parts that are missing in your journey of ascension. Don’t fool yourself that there are any viable or worthwhile shortcuts available on the true initiatory spiritual path. That is one of the illusions “on sale” in the man made world, however it doesn’t apply at all in the grand scheme of things where The Eternal Divine Law operates above anything else.

Remember what happened to Icarus when he flew too close to the Sun and disregarded the instructions about the set of fabricated wings that were attached to his back by his father Daedalus. They were held in place by wax and when he got in a too close proximity to the Sun, the heat melted the wax and his wings detached, leading to his fall from the heights  into the abyss of the sea and drowning.

The metaphors are many, the one I wish to emphasize here is achieving certain evolutionary stages in the growth of our soul and not having developed the mandatory underlying foundational milestones upon which higher functions need to be built on. In essence, we need to grow our own “everything” and cannot rely on “borrowed” equipment in the long term.

The study of biology shows us that the laws of growth and development are identical and permeate all forms of existence. Everything is in Divine Order and follows the Divine Law. For example in the human being model, there are 3 distinct types of crawling and we all need to go through each one of them in order for the proper development of our nervous system and eventually to be able to later on correctly construct the edifice of our beingness. Missing any of these crucial foundational pillars and building blocks not only will not provide the necessary structural resistance for our soul to grow and ascend, in fact it’s the opposite, it’s an automatic recipe for failure. The situation can be corrected only by revisiting and accurately restoring the missing links.

That’s why when we don’t properly attend to and master the necessary principles, teachings and homework of the undergraduate curriculum, we may find ourselves crumbling at a task, function or for that matter at the slightest sign of adversity and everything we unsustainably created will crumble and be leveled like a sand castle built too close to the shore.

That’s why at ANEM, we don’t wax wings unto your back, we hold an impeccable and safe container that helps you discover and grow your innate gifts after having assisted and supported you in stripping all falsity attached upon you by the dream of our society and uncovering your true authentic self. Life is not a victimization process since nothing can become a part of us unless we agree upon it. However the risk is that by internalizing falsity, it will retro-virally infect our innate operating system and become the new platform through which we see and interface with the world inside and outside of us.

We don’t supply the will or the courage, stamina, conviction, commitment, dedication, determination, firmness or effort necessary for you to do your own work, that would not be sustainable or in your or our highest interest.

When one joins the Mystery School of ANEM, all these values need to be present at least as seeds in your application forms and detectable, even in their dormant form, during your “intake interview”.

Because without that, you will get stuck and confused along the way and become a sure recipe for failure in the long run.

Many join the military and undergo the basic boot camp training where the foundational skills are imparted. The military’s underlying concept and operational principle is to brake you down and build you up from scratch into the  “ground level soldier” template upon which along the way more complex functions will be added, be it military intelligence, airborne, air assault, expert medical field badge, ranger, special forces, delta force etc.

The same algorithm is necessary to build anything viable in our reality.

In the spiritual indigenous mystical path, we are building an inner fortress of the highest firmness, light, conviction, faith, determination, courage, love and trust in God in the innermost center of our being. Here is where the individuation of the Divine resides within us and from that place and stance of power no wind of adversity can deter us from our mission because we have God within us and are connected to Great Spirit through the Golden Ray of Creation.

-Doctor Tudor

written on Friday June 5th 2020