A newly gathered and organized community, being at the level of a family, tribe, village or country that doesn’t have in its written or unwritten “Codex on How to live the Beauty Way”, a special chapter on rituals and ceremonies for  how to honor the voices of each of its members and grieve the departed ones, is doomed to internally combust, burst in flames and eventually disintegrate in a spectacular fireworks show that might cost the lives of many of its members.

Unanimity is God’s Law. Democracy is a man made, therefore a manipulatable, concept.

In our western society we have lost the principle of personal responsibility for our actions and have replaced it with blaming of “the other” for our inadequacies or misfortunes. Whenever we look outside of ourselves for answers to questions that have no business leaving the realm of the I AM, we fall into the trap of victimhood and become cannon fodder for the Egregores-lower astral entities. These energetic forms, even though they don’t possess a physical body, they have a vital, emotional and mental body that has been created by low frequencies such as hate, anxiety, humiliation, intractable grief, blaming, victimhood, self pity, martyrdom,  shame, existential and survival fears, cast system, basically anything that separates rather than unites, emanated throughout many generations by humans. And as any creation, it needs to eat in order to continue its existence. They basically feed through “galactic straws” on the low frequency vibrations mentioned above that are expressed and emanated by their human subjects. As they need meals on an ongoing basis, global events are continuously being designed and produced in order to create and milk the human life force fields of these lowest frequencies.

This artificially created system of separation from Creator/God generously alimented through generations by the self-designed, self-formed and appointed 1% Elite, in which they emerged as the new Gods in the form of royal families, governments, over all leadership etc. became distortedly perceived and sheepishly followed by the 99% of the masses.

Not mastering the responsibility principle, we can never leave the triangle of disempowerment and we are doomed to alternate in playing the roles of victim, hero/rescuer and bully. Don’t fool yourself, at one point or another you will assume all these roles, consciously or unconsciously for as long as you gravitate in this realm.

The only way to escape this conundrum is a true reconciliation ritual process where that group of people is held by the highest Principles of love, respect, understanding, compassion, forgiveness and by the Grace of Creator/Great Spirit each member can express in its utmost authentic and vulnerable way the pain, suffering, loss and grieving necessary, all blanketed and permeated by the Spirit of forgiveness of the self and of the other, from the most sincere place in their Hearts. Only then we have a true chance of graduating this evolutionary phase and be allowed to submit our application and hopefully advance to the the next level along the Tree of Life.

Humanity as a whole race is in need of a huge Grief Ritual. Kneeling with genuine humility is a good start. Since we don’t have a big enough sweat lodge, terreiro, temple, mosque, church, ashram or “structure” to fit the whole humanity in or for that matter even unanimously agree upon, this process needs to start at the level of grass roots. It begins with ourselves, our families, our extended families continuing with neighbors, communities, organizations, and everyone we come in contact with, until, by the law of concentric circles, all humanity will have gone through this purging, soul searching and soul retrieval process and will emerge through the portal of the Heart that is the first organizing principle of each human being; at the highest possible loving vibrational frequency that is necessary to recreate the “Beauty Way”  and Grid of Light of Mother Earth. Then and only then, humanity can finally live harmoniously and peacefully as One species under the Sun, Moon and Stars and our children and all future generations will have the bright future they deserve.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasın

For All My Relations

Tudor Marinescu MD, PhD,