This is the inquiry of the day. At this momentary point of Creation we as human beings are being afforded the opportunity to graduate the homo sapiens sapiens evolutionary phase of our consciousness and move into homo luminous.

This is what the current planetary lockdown is giving us the opportunity to consider. The absolving, peaceful resolution, integration as well as absolute and unconditional letting go of our 3D experiences, are the necessary tickets for being admitted upon request, mind you, to the 4D and above club.

As more facts and data are surfacing, more clarity is being shed upon these current events. This information is being made public as the result of human beings in the form of scientists, clinicians, healthcare personal, activists etc. are shedding their cloaks of perceived safety, self-centeredness, self-absorption, self-interest  and realizing that the next evolutionary phase of humanity requires selfless service, as in goodness and wellness for the benefit of all forms of Creation, not just the myopic view of self, gender, family, tribe, village, ethnicity, political party or country but in the true understanding of the Lakota/Dakota prayer Aho Mitakuye Oyasin.

Looking through the 4 levels of perception as taught by the Laika of the high mountains of Peru, this is what we see;

Through the eyes of the SERPENT, at a strict molecular, biochemical level we deal with a virus, Sars CoV 2 that is a genetically modified Sars CoV 1, showing 12 added nucleotides to its genome which account for its “gain of function” i.e increased virulence and pathogenicity.

At the Jaguar level we are encountered with many different theories and suppositions from one end of the spectrum to the other and everything in between, depending what governments, agencies, mass or social media personalities we follow. Many independent scientists, researchers and activists claim that the Sars CoV 2 is a bioweapon that was engineered in a Biosafety Level 4 Lab with the full knowledge of WHO and receiving governmental sponsorship, as it would take Mother Nature around 800 years to develop these mutations from Sars CoV 1 into Sars CoV 2, not 16-17 years (Sars CoV 1 was first identified in 2002/2003). Also here we ponder why would we need a vaccine to begin with since we have already proven, cheap and readily available natural and synthetic ways to prevent and treat the infection?  As we follow the money trail we realize that the governments and multinational drug companies don’t really have our interest at heart.

Otherwise how can you explain that the same day research came out in January 2020 describing the efficacy of Hydroxy-Cloroquine, all supplies in the western countries where recalled and doctors and pharmacists were threatened with loss of their license if they would prescribe or dispense it.

If the authorities would really work on behalf of the people, they would have come out from the very beginning of this outbreak and emphasize the importance of preventative measures such as vitamins A, C, D, Zinc, herbal antivirals, anti-inflammatory and immune modulating as well as the use of Hydroxy-chloroquine in a prophylactic dose or therapeutically. Just these simple measures according to the specialists would have avoided massively the spread of the virus, the degree of sickness as well the number of deaths.

What other agendas are at play here and how deep does the rabbit hole go?

The Hummingbird gives us the opportunity to take flight in the mythical realm. This is the place where we as ripe human beings are posing the question in the title to ourselves “Quo Vadis Homo Sapiens”, ie where are you going human being?

What story and archetypal journey are we choosing to follow?

Are we willingly continuing to fly the already prescribed and proscribed itinerary of the current societal dream? That is, going back to how things were, living in a “death economy”, a slave system based on debt, for the enrichment of the 1% while the 99% become more and more impoverished?

Or are we ready to begin the journey of our lifetime, following our heart’s highest desire?  That is our souls deepest calling,  just like the hummingbird engages in the migratory event of crossing the Caribbean waters without wondering where its next meal or place of rest will come from but knowing at their core that it will be provided when and where needed. All they need to do is to follow their inner guidance in the form of instincts and Mother Nature will provide.

Are we ready to build a new dream, a “life economy” where all beings can thrive together in cooperation and not in competition? First step would be in not financially supporting through our purchases corporations in 3rd world countries that don’t pay a living wage to their local employees and stop investing financial portfolios in companies that pollute and desecrate the environment and Life at large.

This requires an internal revolution culminating with the evolution of our beingness. A New Earth Movement is a platform where we have the opportunity to churn and alchemize lower, denser “lead” like frequencies belonging to the realm of anger, resentment, grief, shame, anxiety, humiliation, fear, frustration self centeredness etc. into the high realm of “gold” -compassion, patience, gratitude, forgiveness, righteousness, respect, unconditional love, self less service, honor, authenticity and love.

This mandatory lockdown is providing the opportunity for the inner Vision Quest of our life time. How many of us can’t wait for things to go back to normal?

Well Dorothy, buckle up your seat belt  ‘cause Kansas is going bye-bye.

From the perspective of the Eagle, everything happens in Divine Order and at God speed. Either choice we make is fine, there is no right or wrong, just right or left and either way comes with its responsibilities and consequences.

Tudor Marinescu MD, PhD,