The regular season is over. We’ve been a 3rd Division (Density) franchise for 75,000 years according to our Emeritus Coaches and Training Manuals. We are ahead of the last game and it is a knock-out round that will determine our team’s, as well as the player’s, individual fate.  The Higher 4th Division (Density) is palpable for many of us. However the rules of the game will be very different up there. For some of us this will be an entirely new ball game, and for some of us not, as we already played in the higher leagues and selflessly and compassionately came back to help in coaching and modeling the new paradigm in order to assist all of us in moving up to this Higher Division that is finally available to us.

Currently this last spiritual training camp before the final game is undergoing as we speak. Coaches as well as outward (not offensive) coordinators, inward (not defensive) coordinators and special teams have laid out all playing maps, strategies and techniques to ensure our victory. Now the Head Coach ordered this time-off for all of us so that we can fully digest and integrate the new game plans. We sense the roar of the Stadium as well as the expectations, hopes and desires of our fans as the game day is promptly approaching.

Are we able to judiciously use this time off to bring our inner game to the needed level? Are we going to keep playing selfishly or will we be able to upgrade our inner performance and play selflessly for the Team under the sole guidance of the One Head/Heart Coach?

The choice is exclusively ours to make as Infinite Patience and Free Choice still permeate these Lower Divisions.

Tudor Marinescu MD, PhD,