We are a group of committed and devoted people who take the word community and explore, define and implement the “common unity” in it.

So what is our “common unity” here at ANEM?

Our common unity, the resonant coherent morphogenetic field that calls and brings us all together like the poles of a tipi, creating a New Home for our family, is the deepest innermost desire to study, embody and emanate in our daily lives and walks the 12 Principles that have been downloaded by Nina as the founding and building stones of our inner edifices.

These 12 Principles are the primer, the imperiously necessary ingredients, that are built in the crystal of each of our souls that sits at the core of our being. These are the original, prime directive instructions and part of the blueprint for co-existence and co-creation imbedded in each one of us by Creator/Great Spirit, The One Source of All! They are facets of our inner diamond that we need to remember, polish, shine and activate in our daily practice here on Earth in order to recreate “The Beauty Way”.

This is our inner work and the only meaningful endeavor at this time!

These principles are Awareness, Charity, Commitment, Compassion, Humility, Impeccability of the Word, Kindness, Patience, Reciprocity, Respect, Selfless Service and Spiritual Devotional Practices.

It is our life’s mission this time around to Master these and acknowledge them as being our “Commitments” rather than “Commandments”.

Self-observation, self-analysis, and self-responsibility are the required pillars and engines for the success of this endeavor.

As we grow together in this common unity, our intention is not selfish or for self-aggrandizement purposes, or to feel higher than “the other” on the egoic self-created comparison scale. Rather, we strive to be more one with all the qualities of Creator/ Great Spirit and selflessly help our relatives to achieve the same, for the betterment of all of our communities, all our relatives at large and most and foremost, for all the new generations to come.

The frequency that opens the path is genuine humility.

The key that unlocks the inner elevator towards Creator/ Great Spirit is selflessness and selfless service.

Without these two quintessential frequencies, we can never successfully sow the morphogenetic field of higher consciousness, and as a result, the harvest of the virtues and principles of Creation that we seek will be forever out of our reach.

Rigidity is the main obstacle that prevents any successful endeavors in the initiatory process towards the higher mystical realms. Elder Malidoma would emphasize this to all the ones seeking higher wisdom through the Initiation Rituals. Rigidity in the indigenous understanding is viewed in a more comprehensive way than in our mundane western world.

To be rigid in a traditional indigenous way means not to be able to fully merge with the higher spiritual qualities and virtues that you are seeking to absorb and embody. Therefore, this incomplete merger leaves behind in us a void that seeks to be fulfilled with external objects that we attribute arbitrary values to. So we become collectors instead of initiates. Feathers, rocks, arrowheads, jewelry, precious stones, ancient artifacts, etc. that once were the tools describing the very office of the shaman in their work as worship and service, have become a lifeless and useless panache to be worn as an external badge that has no resonance with the core essence of the wearer.

And that marks the birth of the jewelry and museum business, where we start to collect the beauty that we have failed to merge with.

Join us here at ANEM in the New Year 2023 on the inner mystical journey of self-development and conscious self-actualization, into becoming the ones we always knew ourselves to be and dreamt of becoming.

Dr. Tudor