Each being through which the Creator/Great Spirit manifests into form has its song. The frequency of each being carries within the energetic blueprint specific to each individuation of the One and determines its path, purpose and destiny. And so it is for the two legged humans as well, with the only added option of “personal choice” that we were gifted with. We can choose to follow the Song of Creation that continuously emanates from the Heart of God and is reinforced and rebroadcasted by the choirs of the upper echelons of the high spiritual hierarchies and royal celestial courts. Here on Mother Earth this Symphony of Creation is sung by the Elementals, the Guardians of the Four Directions, the Ancestors and all forms of Creation that manifest into matter. Indigenous cultures were bestowed with the task to carry and evolve the Song of Creation specific to the frequency of their homelands. Ceremony and Ritual was given to the two legged nations to serve the purpose of continuously re-forming Spirit into Matter and dissolving Matter back into Spirit based on the Spiritual Laws of Creation. This was called the Beauty Way in many earth traditions.

Just like the songs created by our musicians here on earth, our individual song has a limited time of manifesting into flesh, however the Song of Creation is Eternal just as the Eternal Composer is.

For too long we as modern and contemporary “civilized citizens” have forgotten our “humanness” and have not tuned our heart and mind instruments to the frequencies of this divine orchestra and have rather “emitted” dissonant, out of tune and off frequency sounds and songs.  These man-made frequencies manifested into a culture of separation from the Whole and the Spiritual Laws and generated perpetual war, estrangement, segregation and a focus on “differences” rather than on similarities and what brings us together.

Relatives, it is time to look within, heal and purify our hearts and minds and redirect them to the tunes and scales of the original Divine Vibrational Principles and thus return ourselves, our families and our creations to the tones and codes of Universal Harmony and restore the Grid of Light.

Dr. Tudor