The medicine wheel as described in native American philosophy and spirituality represents various superimposed levels of understanding of our being-ness.

Besides the typical 4 cardinal points, 4 stages of life, 4 seasons, 4 elements etc. it also characterizes our 4 living bodies i.e. spiritual, mental, emotional and physical through which the “I AM”, our true Self is interacting with all forms of Creation in the realm we call Mother Earth.

We as humans also have four brains that represent the stages in the evolution of consciousness through form that are concomitantly at work in us, i.e.reptilian, mammalian, human and ultimately the divine brain.

These four brains also represent four distinct frequency bands through which we can perceive the world, four different levels of awareness and perception. This ancestral wisdom was shared by the Laika, the “Earthkeepers” of the high mountains of Peru upon reestablishing contact with the western society after the 1950s.

The 1st level of perception is through our reptilian brain (brain stem and cerebellum) and is associated with our 1st chakra, connecting us to our Earth Mother, it is our instinctual function that is capable to find food, water, shelter and avoid danger, thus ensuring survival. The archetypal animal is the snake and symbolizes knowledge, sexuality and healing and finds one of its representations on the rod of Asklepios, the greek God of Healing as well as the Kundalini energy coiled 3 1/2 times when dormant in the root chakra.

It’s the action-reaction brain, the one that takes everything literally, eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. The language of the physical body is bio-electrical-chemical-mechanical.

Translated into daily modus operandi, if plagued by a headache we just pop a pill and keep going, not even wondering why we got a headache.

The 2nd level of perception is through our mammalian brain, the paleo-cortex (limbic system), associated with the second chakra, and is the realm of our mind, thoughts, beliefs, ideas, superstitions, it is curious and instinctive and also the realm of deep emotions, passion, creativity, intimacy.  It is associated with the jaguar, the feline instincts.

The language of the mammalian brain is words, symbols and signs with specific meanings attached to them.

From this immediately higher level of perception when experiencing a headache we are aware of it and we inquire about the cause i.e. too much TV time, eye straining, or may be carrying too many worries and responsibilities. Therefore we think of a myriad of possible solutions to alleviate the problem also including taking a pill as needed (1st level of perception). Just as the mental body envelops and informs the physical, so does this level of perception incorporate the experience of the physical and is able to act based on much more possibilities of dealing with the situation at hand.

The 3rd level of perception is our human brain, the neocortex and is associated with our 6th chakra, our soul, the realm of the mythical, supernatural where we experience our connection and interdependence with All there is. Its language is music, ceremony, ritual, dance, poetry, trance,  the expression of the Divine in and through human form. Its animal archetype is the hummingbird that is considered by the Laika as one of the organizing principles of the universe.

A headache perceived through this level of understanding becomes akin to reading in between the words, perceiving the sound of music in between the notes, going beyond the known and obvious,  inquiring and understanding the deeper messages that a headache brings forth, such as a calling of the soul to redirect our path, leaving behind patterns, behaviors, relations, situations and conditions  that do not serve or feed it any longer.

It is meditating, envisioning and praying our most desired future to come into being for our children, grandchildren and all our relations to come for many generations.

From here we engage in the allegorical journey, steadfast in our direction, not worrying or even wondering where the necessary resources will come from, deeply trusting that the Universe will align itself with us and provide, just like a spirit begins its earthly journey in the womb of the Mother and is supplied everything it needs to develop, grow and be birthed in this realm.

The 4th level of perception is through the prefrontal cortex, the God brain as called by neuroscience. Its archetype is represented by the eagle who can concomitantly see the entire picture as it flies the highest up in the sky and also localize objects the size of the mouse from 2000 feet above.

It is only with the eyes of the heart that one can see the truth as Antoine de Saint Exupery commented in “The Little Prince” and this is the gift that the eagle nation bestows upon us.

The language of this body of perception is energy and at this level we recognize that we are all One, each one of us being a point of focused attention of the same One infinite conscious morphogenetic field that the Lakota call Wakan Tanka, Creator, Great Spirit, Great Mystery.

Let us use the symbol of a river from its inception as a tiny crystalline spring in the crispy snowy high mountains and follow it along its meandering journey all the way to the sea. When comparing  it to our lives, we are springs-spirits who create our trajectory in life, our river bed and everything that grows in and along it. If we are not satisfied with our creation, we can bulldoze and recreate riverbeds and river-fronts, replant vegetation, move mounds of earth etc, however that would involve massive amounts of energy and resources (that would be the 1st level of perception-snake) or we can hike all the way to the origin of the spring and with the least amount of energy redirect the spring by only 1 degree towards right or left and create a whole new experience for ourselves, a whole new river bed with new riverbanks.

So how do we apply this body of wisdom to this particular time of the COVID 19 outbreak?

1st level of perception 

Avoid getting It by following basic physical hygiene protocols:

Do ALL of the following: 

  • Avoid close contact with anyone who is sick or has recently been in contaminated areas
  • Avoid shaking hands for now
  • Avoid touching your face, eyes, nose, hair.
  • Wipe down surfaces with antiseptic wipes: shopping carts, tray tables on planes, poles on the subway training, merchandise etc.
  • If you have fever and cough, stay home
  • If you have a cough and are out, wear a mask
  • Wear a mask to protect yourself when you go outside in crowded spaces
  • This virus has a lifespan on common surfaces which can last over a week. Therefore keeping latex or nitrile latex gloves on is very important when shopping, opening doors, using the gasoline pump and myriad outside activities when you are in potentially contaminated areas.
  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, use natural hand sanitizers with minimum 60 % ethanol especially before eating, after coughing, sneezing, or blowing your nose, and after using the restroom.
  • Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) is an amazing product that can be used to spray your face, eyes, nostrils, mouth and hands as well as gargle.  It can be used in diffuser in a room or nebulizer. For more info check

2nd Level of Perception

2.1 Know the main trio of symptoms:

1.   Fever, which may cause a headache with or without a sore throat and a general fatigue.

2.   Dry cough, usually not with a runny nose

3.   Shortness of Breath which may develop after about a week

In greater detail, The World Health Organization shares data from 56,000 laboratory confirmed cases from China. Typical signs and symptoms include:.

  • fever (87.9%),
  • dry cough (67.7%),
  • fatigue (38.1%),
  • sputum production (33.4%),
  • shortness of breath (18.6%),
  • sore throat (13.9%),
  • headache (13.6%),
  • myalgia or arthralgia (148%),
  • chills (11.4%),
  • nausea or vomiting (5.0%),
  • nasal congestion (4.8%),
  • diarrhea (3.7%)


Nasal congestion, excessive mucus production, and chills are NOT prominent, which is a distinction from the common cold and flu. The average time from exposure to infection is commonly just shy of 1 week but can be as long as 3 weeks. Once contracted, the virus could last from 2-6 weeks.

Coughing denotes the fact that the virus has penetrated deeper in the lung tissues and needs to be treated more aggresively.

Most people infected with COVID-19 virus have mild clinical presentation and recover. Mortality increases with age and those over 80 are at the greatest risk. People over 60 and those with heart disease, diabetes, cancer, compromised immune systems, asthma or other underlying respiratory conditions are more prone to develop bronchitis, pneumonia or respiratory failure and the vast majority of fatalities are in that group.

2.2 Support your Immune System

  • Practice Inner Peace and Calm. Stress is activating the very powerful flight or flight mechanism thus weakening our immunity by redirecting the blood form our internal organs to the musculoskeletal system, and also redirects the blood from our conscious (human) to our subconscious brain (mammalian/reptilian) which is the necessary physiological response to deal with an immediate threat such as a saber tooth tiger planning us to become its next meal, however it affects our judgement and decision making process long term by decreasing our IQ and EQ.
  • Health promoting foods:

-Diet should be rich with high antioxidant foods such as a variety of colorful vegetables, whole grains if you are eating grains and lean proteins. Stay away from dairy and gluten as they are commonly allergenic and cause mucus formation

-Bone Broth, 2-3 cup daily

-Cooking with herbs that are good for immunity including garlic, ginger and turmeric

-Support your immune system with ginger, lemon and turmeric root • 6 inches of ginger, peeled • 2 organic lemons, with or without peel • 4 turmeric roots, peeled • Purée into a fine pulp • Take 1 tbsp in 1 cup hot water every afternoon between 3-6 pm • Optional: 1 tbsp honey • Optional: 3-4 dashes of Cayenne pepper

-Stay hydrated: 6-9 cups of warm fluids per day: spring water, soups, herbal teas, etc.

C.  Supplements and Herbs:

-Vitamin A

-Buffered Vitamin C

-Vitamin D 3 with K 2



-Thymus gland extract

-Licorice Extract

-Colloidal silver

-N-Acetyl Cysteine

-Alpha Lipoic Acid


Dr. Marco Ruggiero MD PHD is a molecular biology researcher who has been studying viruses for several decades. He mentions that this corona virus has spikes protruding on its surface. These spikes become activated by enzymes in the body and once activated they more readily infect one’s cells. On a molecular level, the spikes have three points on their structure. The points carry a strong positive charge. To neutralize this charge, substances with a negative charge can be helpful. There is a long list of substances that have this neutralizing effect, and some are common supplements. As they are all health promoting, I recommend adding the following for prevention if you are at increased risk or simply want to optimize your body’s defenses in this situation.

  • Folic acid
  • Chondroitin sulfate
  • Glutathione
  • Green tea extract containing epigallocatechin gallate
  • HOCL as mentioned above

D. Minimize EMF exposure

-stop looking at and touching your smart phone all the time

-stop using electronic items 2 hours before bed

-if you are already sensitive to EMF, turn off your home WIFI while you sleep and turn it on again in the morning

-Rest as needed, go to sleep before 10 pm and sleep at least 8-9 hrs/day

E. Drugs that have shown positive results on treating Covid 19 are  chloroquine in combination with azithromycin as well as Alinia.

F. Apparently ACE inhibitors, Selenium and NSAIDs are contraindicated as they worsen the pathogenicity of the virus.

All the above recommendations for supplements and drugs are just ideas and suggestions based on the available data and science, mostly emerging from treating related strains of corona viruses in the past.

Medicine is an art and a science and cannot be practiced based on exclusive algorithms and “one size fits all” types of protocols, rather it needs to be individualized and customized to each and every patient. Please consult with your primary care doctor in order to ensure you receive the most appropriate care.

3rd Level of Perception

Rather than dwelling in the same old story, making excuses for why we cannot be and do what we feel we could or should have been and done and recreating and reinforcing patterns, conditions, situations and relationships that do not serve us anymore for who we have become, the Divine has granted us this “time off’ from the “Merry go round” unsustainable carousel of our lives.

The train of our lives has come to a screeching halt, while the engine is still going, huffing and puffing.

Relatives, we are given this incredible gift in time and space to stop, go within, listen and reconnect to the highest truth of who we are, allow ourselves to be re-imbued with the original instructions, the prime directives of our Higher Selfs, thus bestowing upon us the sacred remembrance of who we are, what we are and what we are here to do in this earthly incarnation. Or may be we need to fully chew, swallow, metabolize, absorb, integrate or plainly excrete through the distinct digestive pathways of our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies past experiences, situations, conditions or relationships in order for them to becoming viable and solid foundational blocks upon which the next phase of our lives needs to be built on.

As our Mother Earth is undergoing a deep transmutation readying herself for the new upgraded evolutionary phase of her consciousness, we too, as one of her constituting biological organisms that live in her belly, have the opportunity to join this developmental leap by doing our own inner work, giving thanks, blessing, loving and integrating all past teachings and letting go of all unnecessary past luggage that comes in form of wounds, hurts, unresolved issues, trans-generational trauma etc.

The caterpillar needs to let go of all ideas and images of itself i.e all existing form that does not serve any longer and allow itself to mulch into the infinite electronic soup of un-manifested potential yet, returning matter into spirit in order to allow itself to be fully recreated and reformed into a butterfly. And no caterpillar parts fit the butterfly model.

As we engage unconditionally and irreversibly in this deepest process of transformation, transmutation and trans-substantiation, we are allowing the Divine Spark of Creation that is inherent in each one of us to enlighten and re-inform spirit into matter into a higher level of existence, according to the divine blueprint that each one of us carries in our Highest Self, recreating Heaven on Earth and restoring The Beauty Way as its referred to in most ancient traditions.

Therefore we are given 2 options, continue the “status quo” and clinging unto the fear model and stay stuck on one of the branches or we can upgrade to the Love model and continue our growth along the trunk of the Great Tree of Life.

Which one do you choose?

4th Level of Perception

Knowing deeply in the core of our being that all is in Divine Order, Spirit witnessing itself in the unfolding of the Great Play of Life, no beginning and no end.


Tudor Marinescu MD, PhD,