In dedication to our Holy Mother, our Lady of Guadalupe Tonantzin; 12.12.12
I am building an Altar for my Mother
In my heart so she can come
In my heart so she can come
And make a permanent residence
In the deepest chambers of my soul
The spark is there
I light the flame and bring the oil
And constantly supply the flame
Forever burning light of God
That nurtures my soul
Prepares my food
Digests my experiences
Enlightens my mind
Illuminates my path
Into eternity connects
It burns attachments, cords and all the untruth
Illusions of the mind
Chaotic crusades
Bitter vanities
Old patterns overgrown with mold
Cobwebs spanning corners
Of old forgotten deserts
Hungry for the light
Eager to reconnect
Insatiable thirst for the Breath of Life
Here she comes
She is here to stay
Right here right now
Right here right now
I recognize she never left
It was I who didn’t see
It was I who looked away
But now I see
I see around, I see inside
and yes It is
And yes I am
Forever grateful
I have arrived