The other day my mind was getting hungry for external information, wanting to do its daily hospital rounds and take the “pulse” as part of the vital signs assessment of the evolution and progression of the current pandemic situation. The cravings made themselves noticed, suggesting an impending feeding time of the mental body. Status quo would have made me bypass the deep breath, associated with a centering in my being and asking the Upper Management for Guidance, hastily ready to embark upon the young Hero’s journey of external discovery. However Grace had it that the voice of the Divine penetrated through the already thinning crystallized veils surrounding me and simply asked me, “Do you think they (meaning the news outlets) know better than Me?” That completely disarmed me and had me unmount the horse I was ready to jump upon in order to retrieve the ‘life saving or guiding’, yet again breaking upon breaking news of the moment.

Today I told God I want to know Her/Him. The answer was “Know me through knowing you”.

The famous greek aphorism “Know Thyself” inscribed at the frontispiece of the Temple of Apollo in Delphi, Greece was the premise upon which any aspirant would enroll in the ancient mystery schools developed and spread in many earth traditions all over the world. This is reflected in the sayings of many wisdom keepers and prophets throughout time.

“Examine yourself & understand who you are… Whoever does not know self, does not know anything. But, whoever knows self, has acquired the knowledge of the universe.” -Yeshua in the Book of Thomas-Gnostic Bible; 

“Knowing others is intelligence, knowing yourself is true wisdom.” – Lao-Tsu; 

“This is true knowledge, to seek the Self…To seek anything else is ignorance.” – Bhagavad-Gita; 

“He who knows himself knows God.” – The Prophet Muhammad; 

“The body is the temple of the Gods within you. And therefore, it is said, “Man: know thyself.” – Egyptian Proverb.

I respectfully remind us of the Toltec statement “Know Thyself as God” which is the ultimate understanding gained by having successfully completed and graduated the mystery school.

In order for us to make the necessary and imminent, however strictly optional, evolutionary spiritual leap in the next phase of our awareness, development, growth and service along the Tree of Life, we too have to arduously and unconditionally attend this school of unveiling and mastering these ancestral teachings within ourselves.

The time is really compressed, the brewing has reached its climax. Enrollment is open. No prior knowledge or experience needed. Only spiritual credit is checked upon reviewing your applications in the form of; presence of humility, teachability, childlike innocence and call to be of service to All in the name of the Highest Truth, the Highest Light and the Highest Love.

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– Tudor Marinescu MD, PhD,