Each indigenous culture since the beginning of time had their own cosmogony and cosmology. This deep understanding of the creation story was exemplified in and beautified with many rituals, ceremonies, dances, initiations and rites of passage that were specific to the particularities of mother nature’s landscape in the area where they were living. They brought meaning and direction to that nation of people as well as helped them make sense of their place in the big circle of life and their relationship with the rest of Creation.

These rituals, ceremonies and songs were given by Spirit to the people through sacred dreams and visions received by the holy men and women and were the necessary vibratory conduit to serve the evolutionary needs of a particular phase along the eternal growing journey of consciousness. For example, prior to a buffalo hunt, a sacred buffalo dance was employed by the whole tribe in order to establish a connection with the collective spirit of the buffalo nation, offerings were made and Spirit was asked to offer a few of its 4 legged members so that the humans could live another day.

As the soul grew up in its complexity and the external as well as the internal circumstances changed, so did the rituals and ceremonies, some became obsolete and some evolved to match the new needs of the soul and also new ones are being downloaded by relatives who have an intimate relationship with the Spirit world.

These new frequencies  are readying and priming our souls for the next phase of our growth and evolution in the upper dimensions and planes of nature.

We are living in a time where everything comes under the magnifying glass of scrutiny of our Spiritual Supervisors and the Divine Supreme Being and we are given the choice to shed anything in our morphogenetic field of existence that would be no longer needed along our journey.

New information and songs are being downloaded through Nina and our core team at ANEM as instructional pathways thereby creating a new cosmological understanding, littered with devotional practices, rituals, initiations and ceremonies emerging from ancestral ways sparked by the new breath of life coming from the Holy Divine Cosmic Mother and getting us ready for the evolutionary leap of consciousness in the higher planes of existence.

Dr. Tudor