Some word- and soul smiths argue that we as humans constantly relive certain archetypes over and over again, like Groundhog day, until we graduate it and/or continue to embody it as teaching tools for the littler ones who are coming after us. Just like in a well put together Hollywood script which mostly scores the biggest box-office financial success when embodying the Hero’s journey.

The plot starts with introducing the Hero, a yin-yang conglomerate of mostly light and some darkness pencilled in a specific character defect and the Villain, who is the almost identical opposite mirror image of the Hero, his dark side being the precise augmentation of the Hero’s shadow. In order for the Hero to embark on the soul’s mythical journey of saving a distressed damsel or a nation in imminent danger, he has to face his own shadow and emerge victoriously from having transmuted his own “Dark night of the Soul”. Now he is well equipped to set sail on the external journey, having trans-substantiated the “I am not” into the “I Am”.

This is the opportunity that we are given at this time along the journey of growing our consciousness. Are we ready to graduate our stories, ideas, concepts, behaviors and our attachments to them and make the necessary evolutionary qualitative and quantitative leap in our awareness, consciousness and hence power of manifesting A New Earth?

Or are we getting perpetually stuck in the triangle of disempowerment represented by Hero-Villain-Victim where we are doomed to occupy and embody each of the there roles at one point or another in our life?

As the operating principle of this realm has it, we are free to choose which path we continue our journey on as we have come to this precise crossroads at this time in our evolution.

One of the wounds of this lifetime or carried from another is not feeling safe in our body, hence in our lives. External circumstances and internal agreements made with the mental and emotional understanding and tools of a 6 year old become the MO of a biologically 49 year old person until faced, transmuted and welcomed to join the rest of the 49 year old bodies of that person.

Until then, part of us is stuck in a reptilian/mammalian fear response mode of fight-flight-freeze or faint.

This creates separation as we are lifting the bridge to our castle therefore cutting and closing off all communication with the outside world and it becomes an us vs. them game under the banner of masculinism, feminism, racism, ageism, tribalism, nationalism and most of any other -isms you can think of.

Fear becomes the engine of our lives and adrenaline, noradrenaline, cortisol and other stress hormones become the fuel of a perpetual ups and downs roller coaster of our lives that needs constant visits to the pump station for refueling, mind you with the same octane gas as it becomes highly addictive .

Our physiology will adapt to a fear run mode which implies at a cellular level closing of the gates that insure the influx of love, light as in photons, oxygen, nutrients as well as elimination of waste products. At the visceral level, blood moves away from the central internal organs of growth and development into the musculoskeletal apparatus,  which is the one needed in one of 4 fear reactions, also perfusion diminishes to the neocortex (2000 bits of info/sec operating speed) as the paleo cortex is favored for its speed of reaction (400 billion bits of info/sec) and for being the repository of all past experiences that is promptly needed to solve the immediate threat.

In summary, a physiological system operating in a fear mode will manifest decreased growth, development, healing, remodeling and immune response power while navigating under a mammalian/reptilian command center and also will be associated with a lower IQ/EQ expressed as competition for survival.

A system run in a love mode will operate under the exact opposite circumstances with open and free communication and exchange with the outside world, under the guidance of the human and God brain whilst nurturing flow, cooperation and inter-dependence.

At this most crucial crossroads of our existence, the invitation is to elevate our consciousness and take the High Road back home to the utmost creating, guiding, organizing and operating principle of the universe, LOVE.

Tudor Marinescu MD, PhD,